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Guaranteed Quality

Advantage_Certification-Strip By manufacturing exclusively in a dedicated Canadian facility, LeanFit® has complete control over the contents and quality of every product.

LeanFit’s manufacturing facility holds a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification and is a registered manufacturer through Health Canada. Among other requirements, GMP certified manufacturers must follow standard operating procedures to consistently produce high-quality products. Before any ingredient is used in production, it is sent to third-party laboratories to confirm ingredient purity and strength.

LeanFit products have been approved by the Labcert® Quality Verification Program as products that meet high quality and purity standards. This includes third-party laboratory confirmation of label accuracy and a guarantee against “protein spiking.” For further transparency, LeanFit products display their amino acid profile information.

The 100% Whey Protein products (Vanilla & Chocolate) are additionally tested and certified through Informed Choice to confirm they are free of banned substances. This makes them suitable for elite athletes who may be drug tested in competitions.


Great Tasting

great tasting protein
LeanFit products are loved by thousands of customers, many of whom have used our products for years.

LeanFit is committed to only using natural flavours for our products. We balance the flavours  and sweeteners in our formulations to produce products that are delicious with just water and mild enough to use in your favorite smoothies day after day.

Our protein sources are carefully selected for quality, purity, and important physical parameters such as ease of mixing. LeanFit products never contain unnecessary fillers to compensate for poor quality protein sources.

Suitable for a wide range of preferences & lifestyles

LeanFit products are made with people’s food sensitivities and preferences in mind and designed to fit a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

LeanFit stands for an unwavering dedication to producing products with lean, clean and easy-to-understand ingredients. We never add preservatives, artificial colours or artificial flavours. LeanFit only uses proven and tested ingredients that are safe for the whole family. There are no hyped up, pseudo-science, flavour-of-the-month ingredients that promise a quick fix.

Advantage_Wide Range_450x200 We add enzymes to our protein products to maximize the protein digested by your body. We use only plant-based or microbial enzymes to keep our products suitable for vegetarians or those who follow a Kosher diet. The LeanFit line of products* is certified Kosher.

Long before most people even knew what gluten was, LeanFit was making gluten-free products. Today, LeanFit makes available a whole line of gluten free products.

Recognizing the growing concerns of those with allergies, we manufacture in a peanut-free facility and list allergen statements on our products and website. Our completegreen® protein is a safe protein alternative for those with sensitivities to dairy or soy.

Leanfit is passionate about developing innovative products to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Canadian Made


We are a proudly Canadian company, based in Maple Ridge, BC. Our LeanFit products are available in select Canadian retail outlets and international locations.

Since being created in 2002, LeanFit has supported hundreds of local Canadian jobs. Every step of the production process is managed from the LeanFit facility in British Columbia.

LeanFit has been a trusted source of nutritional products for over a decade. We are committed to providing affordable, healthy and delicious ways to help you live a full life and achieve the results you are looking for.


* except All-in-One


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