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Trevor Walsh

Classic Physique Bodybuider

Why I use LeanFit: “Whether I am dieting down for a show or adding lean mass in the off season nothing beats the convenience and effectiveness of LeanFit 100% Whey.

As a competitive bodybuilder and Classic Physique competitor LeanFit 100% Whey has been a staple in my diet. It mixes instantly and taste great, what more can you ask for?”

From: Newport, Nova Scotia

Learn more about Trevor and how he got started in bodybuilding competitions.

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Kelly Ierullo

Personal Trainer

Why I use LeanFit: “Leanfit fuels me day in and day out. I am a busy mom and am always on the move! Working out 6x a week and taking care of a little one requires me to keep my protein intake high and my energy levels up! My favourite times of day for extra protein are post-workout and before bed!”

From: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Learn more about Kelly and how she stays fit.

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Joshua Duvauchelle

Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Writer

Why I use LeanFit: “I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for a long time, and as a personal trainer I can say that without a doubt, 99 percent of the products that you see on the market are more hype and gimmick than actual results-driven ingredients. I love that Leanfit products are pure, contain only the essentials, and are budget friendly.”

From: Vancouver, BC
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Sebastian MacLean

Former Nationally Competitive Bodybuilder, Film/TV Actor, Writer & Producer

Why I use LeanFit: “Because of the need to be in shape for much of the work I do in the entertainment industry, LeanFit has played a big role in my regular nutrition plan. When it comes to consuming a healthy protein fueled snack, I often turn to LeanFit Protein as a regular part of my daily meal plan.

Over the years, LeanFit has become a product I believe in because of the value it presents as a trusted quality whey protein option at a reasonable cost.”

From: Toronto, ON

Find out more about how Sebastian stays in shape for his film roles.

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Lindsay Webb

Certified Nutrition Coach

Why I use LeanFit: “I find reaching my daily protein goal nearly impossible without the use of protein supplements.

That being said, not any protein supplement will do. I look for high quality ingredients with a protein to carbohydrate ratio that fits my goals. Because I struggle to digest whey protein products finding a plant-based protein that not only fits my macronutrient preferences, but also my taste and texture standards is no easy task. Thankfully completegreen protein meets all my requirements.”

From: Toronto, ON

See more information about Lindsay and read her nutrition advice.

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David Freake

Elite Long Distance Runner

Why I use LeanFit: “I use the LeanFit products to help meet my nutritional requirements due to the demands of my training and busy lifestyle. When I’m running between 200-230 km/week my body needs to be fueled with a balance of wholesome nutrient dense foods and extra protein to supply my body with the building blocks to repair the muscle tissue I’m breaking down.”

From: St. John’s, Newfoundland

Learn more about David, his personal bests and upcoming races.

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Steven Somerville

Student-Athlete and Future Men’s Physique Competitor

Why I use LeanFit: “I use LeanFit because it is a very macro friendly option. It’s easy to fit in my diet and helps me reach my protein goals each day, while staying within my calorie allotment.

The product is also very cost effective compared to other protein brands. LeanFit does not hide behind any proprietary blends like some other companies do.”

From: Toronto, ON

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Kelsey Ellis

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

Why I use LeanFit: “LeanFit products cover all of the bases in terms of flavour, mixability and variety.

I love that it’s a local product made in B.C. and offers a high quality vegan option.”

From: Surrey, B.C.

Learn more about Kelsey and how she dedicates her time helping clients improve their body image and life!

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Ryan Knowles

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Why I use LeanFit: “I use LeanFit because of the wonderful macro’s (nutritional profile), its versatility in shakes, baking, and even cooking, and of course the taste!”

From: Sooke, Vancouver Island, B.C.

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Andrea Seccafien

Olympic Track Athlete & Professional Cross-Country Runner

Why I use LeanFit: “I use LeanFit because it’s a high quality protein that tastes great and is certified for sport.

When I’m at the peak of my track season and my body is taking a beating from track works and races, I need to be mindful of how much protein I’m consuming to help with recovery.”

From: Guelph, ON

Learn more about Andrea, her personal bests and upcoming races!

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