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Easter Recipe Roundup

Decorate your Easter holiday, the healthy way! Spring is here and we’re following tradition with an Easter Recipe Roundup compiled from LeanFit Food Bloggers.

Chocolate covered eggs don’t have to be on the don’t-go-near list. Indulge in delicious ‘guilt-free’ energy bites to treat your family, kids, and co-workers with, or pop one in as fuel for your workout! Continue reading

Clean Up Your Health Routine: 5 Sneaky Habits and Foods to Avoid

As spring peeks around the corner, many of us begin the well-worn tradition of dusting, sweeping, mopping — cleaning out the remnants of winter and freshening our home for the rest of the year.

It’s also the perfect time to spring clean our lifestyles from anything that doesn’t serve our vision of being our healthiest, happiest selves. Continue reading

A Nutritionist’s Advice on Diet Cleanses

Cleanses are very hot in the fitness and nutrition world right now. This buzz word screams, “healthy” and has many people hopping on board the cleanse train.

However, when considering whether a cleanse is right for you, it’s important to first determine what your reasons behind it are.. Continue reading

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