By Jonathan Thompson

10 fun ways to burn 100 calories

When you’re trying to lose weight or trim down your body fat percentage in preparation for beach season, every little calorie counts.

 In fact, plenty of studies have found that three 10-minute workouts spread throughout your day can have the same health boosting, fat burning benefits as one solid block of 30 minutes spent in the gym. So, if you could torch an extra 100 calories by adding a quick, fun activity to your daily routine, why not give it a try? 

Since there are plenty of ways to be more active and get rid of those extra calories, here are 10 fun ideas to get you started.

10. Give your partner a 40-minute massage

Bet you didn’t expect to see this one on the list. The truth is, though, that giving your partner a massage can burn a pretty respectable amount of calories. Just be aware: in order to take meet the 100-calorie goal, you’re going to have to keep it up for about 40 minutes – which is a pretty long massage.

9. Play pool for 35 minutes

The classic, thoughtful game of billiards can burn a pretty surprising amount of calories. In just one, 35-minute long game, you can get rid of those 100 calories. All while enjoying a pretty great pastime. 

8. Walk the dog for 30 minutes

People often forget that walks totally count as exercise. And they don’t have to necessarily be all that brisk to get the job done, either. Regular walks, particularly after dinner, can have a huge range of benefits – including increased range of motion, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced digestion and even reduced stress. Involving your dog and the rest of the fun can help you build a fun, sustainable, healthy habit.

7. Work on the car for 30 minutes

Granted, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved here. Still, cracking open the hood of your car and doing some basic maintenance could not only save you some money but it’s also a sneaky way to get rid of those unwanted calories. Plus, there’s the added boost to your confidence when you learn a new skill and complete your mechanical project.

6. Slow dance for 30 minutes 

Although people don’t typically think of it is being physically demanding, even a calm, sweet slow dance can get rid of around 100 calories. More importantly, this is a great way to spend some extra time with your partner. To keep it interesting and add a bit of challenge, consider taking a class together. This way, you’ll have a chance to spent time together, work on a new skill, stay active and be kept accountable.

5. Clean up the yard for 20 minutes 

Sure, not everyone considers yard work “fun” but these people do exist. And this doesn’t have to be anything too labor-intensive. Rake up some leaves or do a little bit of light weeding. Whatever you’re doing, the point is just to get outside and get moving. Not only will the yard look great when you’re done, but in just 20 minutes, you can move a little closer to your fitness goal.

4. Go for a 20 minute bike ride

Since bikes tend to shift the responsibility of movement onto the larger muscles of your legs, you’re going to burn more calories in less time then if you were to go for a standard walk. And you don’t even have to be working all that hard to hit the 100-calorie mark.

3. Take a 15 minute aerobics class

There is a huge selection of exercise classes out there these days that all full under the larger category of aerobics. And, in just 15 minutes, you can torch all 100 of those calories. But most of these class last about twice as long as that. So, you’ll likely burn lots of calories. Because of the variety of class to pick from, you can also constantly mix things up and learn new skills to keep things interesting.

2. Jump rope for 10 minutes

Skillfully jumping rope can take some time to master. Once you have it, though, there are some many fun workouts and drills that you can add to your routine. A perfect way to enhance your coordination, endurance and speed, jumping rope is a fast, fun and effective workout.

1. Play tennis for 10 minutes

Tennis is great for all sorts of reasons. Of course, it’s a lot of fun. But the relatively straightforward game also gives you a chance to build speed, coordination and strength all at once. In just one, 10-minute long bout you can take care of a full 100 calories.

Some Final Thoughts

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that the amount of calories that you actually burn is based on a huge amount of personal factors. Your gender, age, weight, height, fitness level and tons of other aspects of your life will all work together to determine how much energy each activity costs you.

The amount of time that it takes for you to lose those 100 calories many vary from what’s listed here. Still, this is a place to start. Literally everything that you do on a daily basis burns calories. So, find something you love, get out there and do it.

What are some fun calorie-burning activities that you love? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Jonathan Thompson
Jonathan Thompson

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Jonathan Thompson is a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who has written extensively on health and fitness since 2009. Thompson is also the author of Weighted Vest Workouts and two science-fiction novels. Additionally, Jonathan has been able to apply his love of storytelling and journalism into the realm of film-making as the director and co-founder of Signal Film Company.