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Thank you for your interest in joining the LeanFit Team.

LeanFit has been supplying quality protein products to Canadians for over a decade and is committed to helping people live active healthy lifestyles. We are looking for people who share our enthusiasm for promoting health and nutrition to Canadians through clean nutrition and regular physical activity.

We have a wide variety of questions to get to know you better. Please note that it’s not necessary to be super fit or have thousands of followers. One of the main things we are looking for is people who love LeanFit products and are able to help promote the LeanFit brand.

All information provided is strictly confidential and is in no way an obligation by you to participate in either program.

LeanFit Application Form

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How do LeanFit products help fuel your active lifestyle?

Have you recommended LeanFit products to others? What are the advantages or benefits of LeanFit over other products?

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Which of the following perks would you be interested in?
Exclusive contests and giveawaysBeing featured on LeanFit.com and social networksBeing the first to try new productsSponsorships for events and competitions

Other suggestions of perks you would be interested in?

Which of the following would you consider as part of an ambassador or SuperFan role?
As there will be different types or levels of commitment available please only choose the ones you would be comfortable with or suited for.
Sharing samples with friends and/or training clientsAttending trade showsSharing content on social mediaCreating recipes for Leanfit.comWriting health and fitness tips for LeanFit.comCreating videos on health and fitness tips to be used on LeanFit.comGiving feedback on new products or flavoursSharing your profile/story on LeanFit.comMentioning LeanFit in interviewsWearing LeanFit-branded itemsHosting health & fitness events

What personal characteristics make you suited to be a LeanFit team member?
ie: qualifications, enthusiasm, social reach etc

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Are you currently an ambassador or affiliated with any other health and wellness brands?
Other sponsorships are permitted on a case-by-case business. We understand that LeanFit team members may use a wide range of sports nutrition products and other brands that can complement LeanFit Products.

Any other information you’d like to share?
ie: hobbies, causes you support, secret talents, etc.

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