LeanFit Ambassador- Joshua Duvauchelle

Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Writer

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About Me
Aloha! I’m originally from Hawaii but currently live in Vancouver, B.C. I’m a certified personal trainer, published health and wellness author and life coach. I help people embody their divine potential and become their happiest, best self through a grounded, science-based approach to exercise, healthy food and an active lifestyle.

No matter who you are, exercise can be a vital tool in your spiritual journey towards uplifting your body and mind toward self-realization and self-actualization. It’s not just about a number on a scale or how much iron you can pump. It’s about how happy, powerful and whole you want to feel.

My Fitness Journey
Like many of us, my initial personal approach to diet and exercise was from a place of fear. We all fear seeing too much or too little on the bathroom scale. We fear our own eyes when standing in front of a mirror. We fear everyone else’s eyes during beach season. We want bigger muscles or smaller muscles or whatever the latest trend tells us is the new standard for our inadequacy.

When we move from this place of fear, we make all the wrong decisions. I know I did — ricocheting from one diet to another, and from one crazy workout plan to another. It’s exhausting!

But then I learned that nothing real can be threatened. The world we see around us is a simple reflection of our own internal thought system. Our mind’s projection becomes our reality perception. If we approach our health from a place of love — fear is really the absence of love — then the way we treat our bodies changes so dramatically. Instead of fearing our body, we can lavish it with love: Nourishing food, enough rest, and just the right amount of sweat and movement at just the right time.

The same action done in love instead of in fear has a different outcome. Personal trainers know that to change behavior, we need to change minds. This has been heavily researched in hundreds of psychological studies. The “motivation” that comes out of fear — worried about our abs or love handles or bikini season — draws us towards negative, unhealthy approaches. Lasting, true fitness motivation comes from loving ourselves so much that we want only the best for ourselves.

How I stay Motivated
Using specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goals (SMART goals) is the key to reaching the next fitness goal or threshold, all while recognizing that we’re already whole and not lacking in anything. When I step into the gym with a mindset of success and abundance, it changes everything about my workout compared to entering the room with a lack mentality.

My Goals
Right now I’m working towards doing 200 burpees in a row without taking a break.

Qualifications: Certified personal trainer (American Council on Exercise) and nutrition certificate (Cornell University)

Sports & Hobbies: Calisthenics, running and yoga

From: Vancouver, BC

Favorite LeanFit Products: 100% Whey Isolate

Why I use LeanFit: “I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for a long time, and as a personal trainer I can say that without a doubt, 99 percent of the products that you see on the market are more hype and gimmick than actual results-driven ingredients. They’re pricey, they’re flashy, and they either don’t provide true nutrition or they contain ingredients that are actually unhealthy! I love that Leanfit products are pure, contain only the essentials, and are budget friendly.

I’m a busy guy juggling a full-time marketing job alongside my health career, and LeanFit protein shakes are my go-to for those days when I need to squeeze in extra nutrition but don’t have time to sit down for a full meal. It’s also my go-to for that quick after-workout recovery meal.”

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