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Kelly Ierullo

About Me
I am a mother, a wife, and a Professional Online Fitness Trainer.

I had a very fortunate childhood with parents who were very active with us. My sisters and I were introduced to skiing, snowmobiling, soccer, skating, gymnastics, etc, all by the age of three. Gymnastics was my childhood love and it carried on throughout my early teens.

Weight training and the “gym” gave me a new purpose after leaving gymnastics. I needed something to keep me active everyday and a new place to channel my discipline and my love for exercise. Exercise was always just a hobby, a lifestyle, done without much reason or purpose other than enjoyment.

When I was 17, I lost a true friend, a best friend to a Brain Tumour. This is where my “reason and purpose” for exercise and health stems from. This experience in my life is what propels me day in and day out to eat properly and to take care of my body. I need my body working for me to allow me to be the best mother, Personal trainer for others and the best version of myself!

Qualifications : Personal Trainer with a Kinesiology and Health Sciences Degree with Honours from York University, Toronto.

Sports & Hobbies: Anything outdoors, photography, travelling

From: Richmond Hill, Ontario

Favorite LeanFit Product: 100% Whey in Chocolate

Why I use LeanFit: “Leanfit fuels me day in and day out. I am a busy mom and am always on the move! Working out 6x a week and taking care of a little one requires me to keep my protein intake high and my energy levels up! My favourite times of day for extra protein are post-workout and before bed!

Leanfit protein has been the only way I’m able to get an adequate amount of protein into my diet on a daily basis. I love how affordable it is, how amazing it tastes (chocolate is my favourite), how well it blends and most importantly I love how Leanfit 100% whey provides the most bioavailable protein source along with being free from preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

If you’re looking to curb hunger and rebuild muscle in a natural and effective way, Leanfit Protein is for you!”