LeanFit Ambassador- Kelsey Ellis

Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist

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Kelsey Ellis

About Me
I am the owner of Bodylicious Fitness, a mobile personal training company in Surrey, BC.

We specialize in helping clients develop self-empowerment through physical programs and life skill coaching.

We believe in a holistic approach to health and wellness and incorporate all areas of mind, body and spirit into our client experiences and fitness journeys.

Highlights of my fitness journey
My biggest fitness accomplishment to date was completing the BMO Vancouver Half Marathon in 2015.

I am not typically a runner but I trained 4 months and completed my first half marathon in 1:51:00 which surpassed my intended goal of 2 hours!

My biggest career accomplishment has been helping a client of mine lose 105 lbs over 10 months. Watching her transformation was incredibly inspiring and life changing.

How I stay motivated
Being an athlete my whole life, self discipline comes easily however staying motivated can still be a challenge.

My clients are my biggest motivation, they rely on having a trainer who practices what they preach and walks the walk. I have to show my clients everyday that if I can do it then so can they.

My goals

  • Participate in a sprint triathlon
  • Spend a month Muay Thai boxing in Thailand
  • Complete my Holistic nutrition & life coaching diploma in 2017
  • Host a destination wellness retreat!

Qualifications: BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer, CSNN Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Professional Life Coach & Mentor

Sports & Hobbies: From the age of six I played softball which later in life translated into playing for the Canadian Junior Women’s National Softball Team and a earning full ride scholarship to Merrimack College in Boston, MA.

Although my competitive softball career is over, I still enjoy staying active through daily gym workouts, hiking, yoga and traveling!

From: Surrey, B.C., Canada

Favorite LeanFit Product: completegreen Protein

Why I use LeanFit: LeanFit products cover all of the bases in terms of flavour, mixability and variety. I love that it’s a local product made in B.C. and offers a high quality vegan option.