LeanFit Ambassador- Lindsay Webb

Certified Nutrition Coach

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About Me

My name is Lindsay. I am an elementary school teacher by day, but fill much of my free time in the gym, coaching nutrition clients, and further educating myself on health and fitness.

I often treat myself as my own guinea pig. I enjoy testing various nutritional theories on myself, and watching my body respond (sometimes positively, sometimes not so much… and sometimes not at all).

My passion for health and fitness inspired me to become a certified Nutrition Coach, and work with others to help them build a healthy lifestyle.

My Fitness Journey
I have been active my entire life. I spent the majority of my childhood and adolescence in various arenas across Ontario as a competitive figure skater. The level of commitment required to be successful at such a sport, along with an inherent competitiveness (surely passed on by my dad), helped me to become the person I am today.

After graduating university, I was thrust into an unknown world where skates were not required. My figure skating career had come to an end, and I was ok with that, but… now what? With so much free time, I needed a new hobby. I began to think very hard about what I enjoyed so much about the skating world and where my interests lay.

Ultimately, it was the desire to be better. I always wanted to improve, no matter where I stood in the sport. That quality, I realized, was easily transferred into anything I decided to do in life. Although I had been working out in the gym for years, I didn’t truly understand what I was doing, or how to improve my performance (minus the odd tip I took from reading a Women’s Health magazine). I knew that staying active was important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and that I valued healthy living and the benefits it provided, but beyond that, I kept it quite simple.

Fast-forward eight years, and I am on a personal health and fitness journey that I tackle with intention. I am hungry for knowledge, and always strive to be better than I was yesterday.

Do I always succeed in this mission? Definitely not. There are days when I go to bed thinking, “Well, I didn’t make it to the gym today,” or, “I told myself I would go for a run…” or, the ever-so-familiar, “I probably shouldn’t have eaten that.”

But if I have learned anything over the past few years, it’s this: every day is a new day. If we let ourselves dwell on the things we have done or left undone, we will never find the ability to move forward. Make goals, create an action plan, and set out each day to achieve those goals. We will never be perfect, but we can always be better.

How I stay Motivated
For me, goals are the key to sustained motivation. I am most focused when I am actively working towards something. With that in mind, I always try to have a set goal, be it lofty or small. This is how I stay motivated and on track.

Qualifications: Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

Sports & Hobbies: Weightlifting, Conditioning training, Triathlons, Yoga

From: Toronto, Ontario

Favorite LeanFit Product: completegreen protein

Why I use LeanFit: “I find reaching my daily protein goal nearly impossible without the use of protein supplements, so it’s very important to have a protein powder on hand at all times.

That being said, not any protein supplement will do. I look for high quality ingredients with a protein to carbohydrate ratio that fits my goals. Because I struggle to digest whey protein products finding a plant-based protein that not only fits my macronutrient preferences, but also my taste and texture standards is no easy task.

I use LeanFit completegreen protein to fuel my day, by using it in protein pancakes, shakes in the morning, and as a recovery product post-workout.”

Workout Tips by Lindsay

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