LeanFit Ambassador- Sebastian MacLean

A former national level competitive bodybuilder now working as a film and TV actor, writer and producer

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Sebastian MacLean

Photo by Stephen Caissie

About Me
I’m the father of three amazing kids, an actor and a former Canadian physique champion. When I started in bodybuilding years ago, my goal was to build a physique and a career like many of my film heroes at the time. Guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Lou Ferrigno, and Jean Claude Van Damme all inspired me to first build my body and then find a way to fit that into the film industry.

Photo by Garry Bartlett

Photo by Garry Bartlett

I began to compete in bodybuilding competitions at the age of 15 and started acting in short films. As I began spending more time in film I noticed that bodybuilders were starting to get too big to be of interest to the film industry. Although I kept training, I realized that size was not all that mattered in order to move forward in the film business. I wanted to keep a classic looking physique, but not go in the same direction I saw professional bodybuilding moving toward.

I began script writing and learning more about various aspects of the film business in order to form my own path and create characters that I would be excited to bring to the screen. Life became about balancing the image of looking strong with developing something of creative substance.

actingI am still on my climb through the film and TV industry, but I have come to value physical development as a way to stay disciplined in many other areas of my life. The degree to which I focus on family, career or gym time must all be shared properly in order to gain anything substantial.

I find that at this stage I love encouraging people to move forward with their fitness goals and look for what that process can reveal to them about their ability to succeed in other areas of life as well.

Industry Experience:

  • Producer and featured personality in the bodybuilding documentary Facing Goliath (Watch online)
  • EAS: Body For Life Success Coach – (Client: Ray Taylor – International winner of the 2001 inspiration award)
  • One of the original founding partners of INCHES Weight Loss
  • Creator and host of the TV series Body Quest
  • Author of the natural muscle building system Naturally Massive and the weight loss method The Fat Burn Truth
  • Writer for Muscle Memory Mag, MuscleMag International, American Health and Fitness and Muscle Media Magazine

How I Stay Motivated
My advice is to dream big. Set big goals for yourself and break them into smaller goals.

When it comes to fitness, think about how being in shape enhances and effects what you’re after and work toward getting in shape for that purpose.

In general setting goals is a big part of it, but integrating your goals into a bigger picture plan can ensure you don’t stop after you reach the first milestone.

Sports & Hobbies: Classic Style Bodybuilding, Mixed Martial Arts, Writing, Water Sports, Traveling, Gaming

From: Toronto, Ontario

Favorite LeanFit Product: LeanFit 100% Whey Protein Isolate

Why I use LeanFit:

“Because of the need to be in shape for much of the work I do in the entertainment industry, LeanFit has played a big role in my regular nutrition plan.

There are a lot of marketing gimmicks out there that push over priced products of questionable value. It can be hard for anyone sort through the hype and once I figured it out, I just wanted a product I could count on.

I have found that LeanFit meets that need, providing the protein essentials that are proven to work well and at a great value. Eating well by mixing many great solid protein sources with LeanFit’s convenient protein supplement products, gives me the quantity and quality of protein I need every day for great progress in the gym.”

Contest Placings:

  • Canadian Federation of Bodybuilding Natural World Qualifiers Competitor
  • Canadian National Bodybuilding Competitor
  • 2nd Place Junior Canadian National Bodybuilding Champion
  • Junior Atlantic Canadian Overall Bodybuilding Champion
  • New Brunswick Bodybuilding Overall Champion
  • EAS: Body For Life – Top 100 transformation champions for 2000