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Classic Physique Bodybuilder

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Trevor Walsh

About Me
trevor-familyMy name is Trevor and I am a proud father of two boys. Needless to say life can be hectic at times but with the help from my beautiful wife I embrace the day-to-day challenges and strive to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Outside of my job in healthcare, I love spending time with my family – we even train together. My oldest son loves hanging out in our downstairs gym with us, and getting involved when he can. When we are not training we are usually out adventuring.

My current focus in training is evolving as a Classic Physique Competitor and sharing knowledge and experience with others.

My Journey
It all began in my early teen years when I joined the high school wrestling team. As I developed my skills it became clear that I needed to adapt my body to better handle the stresses and demands of being competitive.
I began training in my basement and garage with the bare minimum, challenging myself on my own terms. As I progressed in my training I started doing a lot better in competition.

While training full time at the gym, I also began training and competing in martial arts at various clubs in various disciplines. It quickly became evident that I was overdoing it, and it was starting to take its toll on my body.

trevor-first-show It was at this turning point that I decided to shift my focus and commit to developing my body for bodybuilding/physique competitions. Four years ago I entered my first Bodybuilding Competition where I placed top five (4th) qualifying me for a national level competition for that year.

To date I have competed in three Bodybuilding/Physique Shows, two of which were provincial level bodybuilding shows and one provincial qualifier as a Classic Physique competitor. It wasn’t until my most recent show that I found my niche in the new Classic Physique Division.

Classic Physique has let me to stay competitive at my current height/weight by allowing me to focus on quality, conditioning and aesthetics over sheer size. Though this was my first and only show in this new division I was able to take first in my class and the Overall title for the division. I also managed to take home the Men’s Best Poser award that included all other bodybuilding and physique classes at the show.

How I Stay Motivated
trevor-gym-animeAside from the desire to be the best that I can be I am kind of a nerd by nature and get a lot of motivation from watching Cartoons and Anime. The exaggerated physiques and abilities drive me to rise above the ordinary and push myself beyond my own limits. Though I will never be able to “power up” I can be sure that I will always be energetic and enthusiastic, hopefully becoming a positive role model…or even a superhero to my boys.

Sports & Hobbies: The great outdoors, time with the family, nutrition, Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Cartoons/Anime

From: Newport, Nova Scotia

Favorite LeanFit Product: 100% Whey in Chocolate & Vanilla

Why I use LeanFit: “Whether I am dieting down for a show or adding lean mass in the off season nothing beats the convenience and effectiveness of LeanFit 100% Whey. As a competitive bodybuilder and Classic Physique competitor LeanFit 100% Whey has been a staple in my diet. It mixes instantly and taste great, what more can you ask for?

The demand of quality nutrients typically comes at a high cost, especially this day and age. LeanFit offers high quality products at an affordable cost so people can afford to pursue their goals – whether it is competitive in nature, or simply living a healthier lifestyle.

LeanFit allows me to hit my daily protein intake requirements with products that work and taste great. Year round LeanFit Protein is a staple to my diet, I love experimenting with new recipes and other protein inspired meals.”

Recipes by Trevor