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5 Simple Strategies to Fill Your Life with Joy

A desire to be happy is one of the main driving forces of humanity. The urge to live a life of joy is what motivates people to take chances, change up their lifestyle, form relationships, and so much more.

It’s such a basic innate need that you don’t even think about it most of the time; but behind almost every choice you make is the hope that it will make you happy. Continue reading

Top 6 Protein Powder Myths Debunked

With the dizzying variety of diets and healthy lifestyle options available to us, it’s no wonder there are so many confusing myths out there about the benefits and uses of protein supplements.

Do any of the following ideas sound familiar to you? Continue reading

Protein: The Senior’s Secret to Defying Age

Canada is an aging country, and with more and more people living longer, dietitians and other scientists are paying more attention to the nutrition needs of seniors.

This is great news, as diet can play an important role in helping to keep seniors fit and active – and independent at home! Continue reading