LabCert® Quality Verification Program

Believing in transparency and consumers’ right to make fully informed choices, LeanFit® has become part of an introductory program called LabCert®.

LabCert® is a quality verification program run in conjunction with a world-wide, independent lab partner. It’s designed to better the industry and increase consumer confidence that they are purchasing a trustworthy brand. LabCert employs a certified laboratory to randomly take product samples off of store shelves and verify product quality through lab analyses using USP/AOAC testing protocols.

The LabCert logo is a mark of quality and purity given to nutritional supplements that meet several standards. The standards include label accuracy and ensuring that protein products haven’t been “spiked” with inferior ingredients that inflate the product’s stated protein content. There are also product purity measures such as heavy metal and other contaminant testing for a thorough assessment of product quality.

Labcert Quality Verification

LabCert® Quality Requirements

  • The nutrition facts label has a high degree of accuracy
  • Reported protein content represents true protein sources
  • All ingredients are clearly and accurately listed on the label
  • Made in a manufacturing facility that meets Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Meets regulatory standards for heavy metals and other purity measures

Quality has always been a driving force behind the LeanFit brand and its in-house manufacturing process. LeanFit stands behind its products and is confident that our product claims will be verified by certified third-party lab results every time.

With Labcert®, you have the assurance that you are consuming a high-quality product that will help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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