LEANFIT® Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 908 g
LEANFIT® Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 908 g
LEANFIT® Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 908 g
LEANFIT® Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 908 g

LEANFIT® Whey Protein Isolate Chocolate 908 g

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Muscle recovery has never tasted so good! Our deliciously smooth, high-quality LEANFIT® Whey Isolate is made from pure whey protein isolate, which blends well, digests quickly, and acts fast.

  • 28 g protein per serving; exclusively from ultra-filtered 100% whey isolate to deliver maximum protein
  • 6.0 g BCAAs and 4.9 g Glutamine; as part of a complete amino acid profile to build, fuel and maintain muscle
  • Easy to digest; made with pineapple bromelain, a natural digestive enzyme, for maximum absorption
  • Natural chocolate flavoring and no artificial colours or preservatives
Ingredients: Whey Protein Isolate, Cocoa (Cocoa Powder, Soy Lecithin), Salt, Vegetarian Enzyme Blend (Bromelain, Xanthan Gum, Papain, Lipase), Sucralose (40mg per Serving), Natural Chocolate Flavour
Contains: Milk, Soy
Ingredient lists may be updated from time to time, but they will always be free of preservatives, artificial flavours, and colours. Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive.

Morning, noon, or night, LEANFIT®  is a great addition to any of your meals or snacks.

Shake one scoop into 250ml of cold water or a beverage of your choice.

Blend one scoop into any smoothie recipe. A great grab and go for breakfast, a snack, or post-workout recovery.

Stir one scoop into any recipe of your choice. Just replace 1/4 of the flour that your recipe calls for with LEANFIT® protein.

Why choose us?

Proudly Canadian

Manufacturing in Canada gives us complete control over the quality, formula, and ingredients of our products. Our high-quality, natural health products are formulated with purposeful ingredients backed by science, and are always made without preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. We operate in full transparency so you don't have to worry about hidden fillers, cheap protein alternatives, or low-quality ingredients.

Accessible to Everyone

LEANFIT® was born to fill a gap in the protein industry by making affordable high-quality protein accessible for people of all ages, fitness abilities, and walks of life. We believe that people wanting to improve their health, performance, and lifestyle should be able to access quality protein at a price they can feel good about. Adding protein to your diet should be easy, not intimidating.


"I used LEANFIT Whey Protein to help recover after workouts (I am a competitive swimmer). I believe protein is a supplement that is essential when training hard both in the weight room and in water."


"It's so convenient and it's a fantastic value! It is also not too sweet, and not too "pasty". I tried a more expensive brand as comparison and it was both."

Elizabeth J