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5 Ways LeanFit Protein Can Help You

Contrary to what some people think, protein powders aren’t just for bodybuilders.
LeanFit protein powders are considered foods and are suitable for all ages and levels of activity.

Increase the Protein in Your Diet

Protein is an essential component of everyone’s diet and LeanFit protein powders make it easy and convenient to include quality, healthy protein in your snacks and meals throughout the day.

Just mix them with water water, almond milk, or your preferred beverage for a protein shake; or add them to smoothies, include in homemade protein bar recipes and also use in baking to boost the protein content.

Check out our Recipes page for more ideas.

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Convenient Nutrition On-The-Go

With everything going on these days, it can be hard to eat properly, especially when you’re on-the-go.

Unlike most proteins, protein powder doesn’t need to be refrigerated, and you can easily carry it around with you in a pouch or shaker cup for when you need it. Or make a smoothie and take it with you during your commute or on your way to exercise.

Optimize Your Post-workout Recovery

While protein powders can be taken anytime, they are particularly effective after working out.

During training or exercise, muscle fibres are torn by intense contraction of the muscle. To repair these “micro-tears” and build strong muscle fibres, our bodies undergo something known as protein synthesis. The protein we consume after exercise is broken down into various amino acids and used to repair the muscles.

As you push yourself in the gym, you’ll see better results by helping your muscles recover with fast-digesting protein sources. And because you want to refuel as quickly as possible after working out, protein powders are ideal.

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Increase Muscle Mass

If your goal is increasing muscle and overall mass, protein powders will play an important role in helping you achieve this.

As a bodybuilder you will need more protein than the average adult to build and maintain muscle mass, and a steady intake of protein throughout the day will be required, as well as post-workout.

It can be quite costly and even tiring to get all the protein you will need through food sources. Protein shakes are convenient as they require minimal preparation, and they taste great.

Support weight Loss

If weight loss or maintenance is your goal, protein powders can help you in a few ways.

You can replace unhealthy or high-calorie meals or snacks with a lower-calorie protein shake or smoothie. These higher protein snacks or meals can help you stay full for longer, and less likely to crave unhealthy foods.

If you are exercising as well, protein powders can help you build lean muscle. Over time, the increased muscle mass will contribute to raising your metabolism which in turn helps you burn more calories, even at rest.