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John Falzon learned that life only changes when you do. This is his transformation story.

Like hundreds of thousands of Canadians, John Falzon struggled with anxiety and depression. The 37-year-old father from Amherstburg, Ontario, felt like he wasn’t able to live up to life’s expectations. “I felt my wife deserved better and my kids deserved a dad they could be proud of,” says Falzon.

At first, Falzon tried to eat through his depression. “Anything fast, fatty and easy,” he says. But that just made him gain weight and feel worse about himself.

One day, one of his sons came home bragging about how a friend’s dad competed in marathons. Falzon felt a pang of jealousy, wishing his kids looked up to him in the same way. Then, Falzon injured himself at work doing what he says should have been a normal daily task if he’d been healthier.

That’s when Falzon decided to take control of his journey. “I was too young to feel as old as I felt,” he remembers. “I wasn’t a hero to my children as I once was, and I didn’t feel that I was attractive to my wife. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, so I decided to make a change.”

Exercise, Diet and Knowledge Upgrades

Falzon reviewed his exercise and weight loss goals with his doctor, who gave him the green light. He began going to the gym and visiting local supplement stores, asking questions from more experienced fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders, then going home to research their advice. “Most people who lift are eager to help someone if you just ask,” says Falzon. “They are people too, in this for the same reasons we are. We are all in the gym to make a better version of ourselves.”

Falzon also upgraded his eating habits, swapping out fatty fast food for an extra helping of vegetables and following a meal plan to take the guesswork out of cooking. “I feel that without a proper meal plan, I would go back to my old horrible habits,” he says.

In his search for ways to make healthy nutrition quick and easy, Falzon tried many different protein shakes. “I found that LeanFit protein provided the best bang for my buck with the quality and taste that I required,” he says. “I feel that LeanFit protein has been influential in my progress.”

Healthy Fast Food

“Fast” doesn’t need to mean “unhealthy.” The next time you’re in a rush, try these healthy fast foods:

The Results

9 weeks out from his first show

John 9 weeks before his first show

While he expected physical progress, Falzon was astonished by his own mental progress. “The thing that surprised me the most is I found that I was stronger — mentally and physically — than I gave myself credit,” he says. “I was the one that set my own limits. All I had to do was find a reason to push harder. For me, that reason was my wife and kids.”

Falzon immediately began to see the benefits of his new routine. Unlike his prior coping strategies, he felt healthier, happier and more confident. In just over a year, he dropped his body fat by a whopping 10 per cent. “I hit the gym hard with determination and a vengeance,” he says, “and I adopted my life slogan: ‘Life changes when you do!’ I knew that no one was going to give me this life that I wanted. I had to work for it and I had to take it!”

Now, Falzon is taking his healthier body to the stage. This winter, he’ll be entering his first competition – fueled by LeanFit and motivated by his new life motto. “I’m competing in entry-level bantam-weight men’s bodybuilding in London, Ont. I hope to gain a first-place trophy and dedicate the win to my wife and kids.” Not one to rest on his potential laurels, Falzon’s already making plans to increase his weight class and compete for a provincial title next year.

But in a sense, his new mindset is already a trophy. “I now feel better about myself and my overall health has greatly improved,” he says. “I feel like a hero to my kids again and I’m working on being the arm candy that my beautiful wife deserves. Life has improved because I decided to take care of and respect my body, which is the greatest gift a human being has been given. Life truly does change when you decide to change.”

Congratulations to LeanFit SuperFan, John Falzon, on his 1st place trophy at the 2016 GNC Allmax London Championships! Follow John for more health and fitness inspiration on his Instagram page (@john_pitbull_falzon)

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