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Top 6 Protein Powder Myths Debunked

With the dizzying variety of diets and healthy lifestyle options available to us, it’s no wonder there are so many confusing myths out there about the benefits and uses of protein supplements.

Do any of the following ideas sound familiar to you? Continue reading

How to Break Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Q:LeanFit customer Angela asks “What’s the best way to break a weight loss plateau? I’ve lost over 100 pounds and am having trouble losing the last 10-15lbs.”

A:Nutritionist Lindsay Webb recommends ways to break through a weight loss plateau which actually includes eating more! Continue reading

Regaining Your Pre-Pregnancy Figure

Body after baby on the mind?

The mere thought of this (which is in the forefront of many modern day moms’ head) can seem daunting, whether your pre-pregnancy, pregnant or even well past delivery. Pregnancy can make us exhausted and it only gets worse when your life is dictated by your baby’s sleep habits.

The key to having the body you desire after baby is to start NOW, at whatever stage you are at! There is no better time than the present to take care of your body and health. Create an action plan, find your reason, and set your goals! Continue reading